Regenerative medicine seeks to regenerate the tissue or cells that have been damaged or degenerated and led to pain, as opposed to simply treating the pain symptoms with an anti-inflammatory. Regenerative medicine options such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can be administered as an effective treatment for tissue or joint damage, ultimately treating your pain.

Regenerative Medicine

  • PRP can be a beneficial option for patients suffering with chronic tendon, and/or joint pain that have been unresponsive to other methods of treatment. This method involves utilizing platelets from your own blood, and injecting it into the painful joint. The platelets secrete growth factors that boost cell division and prompt tissue regeneration. If you have already tried the conservative care treatment options (anti-inflammatory medications, rest, physical therapy, or steroid injections) and still continue to experience pain, you may be a good candidate for PRP and should discuss this option with Dr. DeCaria. Not everyone is a good candidate for regenerative medicine.

At the Revitalize Medical Center in Glenview and Evanston, IL, you will be treated by a physician who is double-board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management medicine. Dr. DeCaria has also undergone additional training and certification in regenerative medicine. This allows for a unique approach to understanding the precise cause of your pain, and offering a variety of non-invasive treatment options. Dr. DeCaria will thoroughly review your pain and medical history as well as your general lifestyle to help you determine what would be the best treatment option for you specifically. Schedule your appointment with us today to experience medical care in the hands of a highly skilled physician who will help you restore a pain-free life!

Dr. DeCaria is a double-board certified physician in anesthesiology and pain management medicine with extensive training and experience in treating chronic pain.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. DeCaria of Revitalize Medical Center in Glenview and Evanston, IL, to take the first step towards a long-term solution for your chronic pain!

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