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Patients who suffer from chronic migraines or headaches often express that the pain originates from the base of their skull or the back of their neck. These types of headaches are referred to as “cervicogenic headaches”. The occipital nerves are located near the base of the skull and are a prime location for many pain signal-carrying nerve pathways.

For occipital nerve block procedure, an ultrasound is used to determine the precise location(s) of the source of pain. The physician will use a needle under ultrasound guidance to inject a local anesthetic as well as an anti-inflammatory near these nerves to block their transportation of these pain signals.

The occipital nerve block procedure takes about 5 minutes, and most patients are able to resume their daily activities right away.

If your chronic cervicogenic headaches start interfering with your daily life activities or limits your function, it’s time to address it. Come see Dr. DeCaria at Revitalize Medical Center at our Glenview or Evanston location!

Dr. DeCaria is a double-board certified physician in anesthesiology and pain management medicine with extensive training and experience in treating chronic cervicogenic headaches with occipital nerve blocks.

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